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Communication with parents/guardians is key and there is no better way to do this than have a professional and informative handbook to give to them at the very beginning of their journey with you.

Under the Early Years Regulations, you are obliged to share the mandatory policies with parents.

The Parent Handbook is an excellent summary of your full policies, presented in user-friendly format. It is also demonstrates to both TUSLA and the Department of Education (DES) that you have a formal system of communication, which is an important element of both inspections.

The Parent Handbook has many benefits:

  • It welcomes parents/guardians as partners in education
  • It helps you engage parents in their child’s learning and social development
  • It presents you in a professional manner
  • It is an excellent marketing tool
  • Key messages are shared in a coherent and clear language, avoiding any ambiguity
  • It prevents conflict as it sets out your terms in relation to areas like fees and
  • Parents sign agreement to the terms set out in the Parent Handbook
  • You can add any messages or information at any time, which keeps the publication up to date


I own and manage a busy creche and Montessori School in Swords, Co. Dublin. I have been using the services of Canavan and Byrne for many years. They provide an excellent service and have kept me on the right track many times when it comes to managing my staff team. The service they provide is highly professional, personalised and is always delivered with such good humour. Whether its employment policies/contacts or simply advice on a specific issue they are always at hand. Canavan and Byrne have provided all my HR and childcare policies. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Yvonne Donnelly, Oakland's Creche and Montessori, Swords, Co Dublin