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We all have a responsibility to actively try to prevent harassment, sexual harassment or bullying and to report any instances that they are partly or fully witness to in the workplace. Anyone found to be engaging in any improper behaviour or sexual harassment on the premises, or anywhere elsewhere in the service, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Employees who feel that they are being bullied or harassed in any way in the workplace are encouraged to approach the Manager or Person in Charge.

Examples of bullying behaviour include:

  • Personal insults or name-calling.
  • Persistent unjustified criticism or sarcasm.
  • Public or private humiliation.
  • Shouting at staff in public and/or in private.
  • Sneering.
  • Instantaneous rage, often over trivial issues.
  • Unfair delegation of duties and responsibilities.
  • Repeated impossible deadlines or impossible tasks.
  • Repeated unnecessary work interference.
  • Making it difficult to access necessary information.
  • Aggression.
  • Not giving credit for work contribution.
  • Continuously refusing reasonable requests without good reasons.
  • Intimidation and threats in general.
  • Isolation or non-co-operation or exclusion from social activities.
  • Vandalism of personal property.

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