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It is useful to ensure a thorough checklist is in place for any new employees joining the team. This will allow employers to follow a simple step-by-step method to ensure best practice for an employee’s positive experience of coming on board.

Here are a few initial suggestions to include on that list:

  1. Give a COVID-safe service tour (staff room, fire exits, office location, toilets and allocated room/space to work)
  2. Meet and Greet with the team members from a safe distance
  3. Appoint a settling in “Buddy” or handover training session
  4. Book the formal induction period and set clear expectations and a structure
  5. Ensure contract and Job description returned, completed, checked and filed (always offer a duplicate copy to employee)
  6. All Pre-employment paperwork returned, completed, checked, filed
  7. Accessories (uniform, PPE, locker etc) have been given to the employee