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There has been an extraordinary amount of calls today with queries about what happens if services have to close in relation to staff. It is important that providers reference the relevant websites to ensure accurate information.

The following information is taken from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection [DEASP] effective as of 10th March 2020. This may assist in clarifying a number of situations and what employees may receive in terms of payments. It is important to use reliable sources in relation to accurate information, notwithstanding, the continual change of circumstances. Many providers have interpreted some of the information inaccurately due to the way it is presented on some media forums. We will try to update you regularly of any changes.

  • Employees who are laid off temporarily, without pay, due to a reduction in business activity, can apply for a Jobseeker's Payment. This application can be made online at or in person at an Intreo Centre.
  • Employees who are put onto short-time working by their employer due to a reduction in business activity related to Covid-19 may apply for a Short Time Work Support payment . This application can be made in person at an Intreo Centre.
  • It is also recommended that any person, who is not advised to self-isolate in accordance with the up-to-date guidelines of the HSE, but is requested to stay at home by their employer as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19 will, in situations where the employer cannot continue to pay their wages, be considered to have been temporarily laid-off and can apply for an income support in the form of a Jobseeker's Payment or Supplementary Welfare employers look at a variety of options

The above may apply in the event that there is blanket closure where the employer has to ‘lay off’ employees. Employers are advised to check employee’s contracts of employments to ensure this clause is included in the contract.
Please be aware this information is being updated regularly and providers should check the following websites:



DCYA – links to

WRC – links back to DEASP website at present