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Timekeeping in the EY sector is especially relevant given the requirements for adult/child ratios.It also puts pressure on other members of the team. It is important to deal with ongoing issues of poor timekeeping. All employees, at times can be late, due to accidents on motorways, public transport not running etc. We have to accept those situations as they are out of everyone’s control. However, if an employee is continuously late then employers need to take action. The following steps should be taken in addressing the matter:

Meet the employee and confirm the reason for the lateness. Check had they called in to confirm their late arrival. As noted above if the lateness is to do with accident/breakdown then that would appear a valid reason.

If the lateness continues, meet with the employee, ask them to explain what is causing their ongoing lateness. Confirm how it is impacting on the service. Consider if the reasons are excuses or perhaps there is a genuine situation.

If you believe there is a genuine situation – for example family member ill waiting for carer to come in before they leave for work – then discuss the situation with the employee and consider if it is possible to support the employee. For example, could their hours of work be changed for a period of time to facilitate the situation?

If there does not appear to be a genuine reason, then the employee should be notified in writing that further lateness will result in invoking the disciplinary policy. Check your staff handbook and contracts to see if there is a reference to timekeeping and consequences of ongoing lateness.