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Finding the time to do a support/supervision session with your employees is a challenge in a busy work environment. However, it is essential and as you know Tusla requires services to have a Supervision Policy in place. A supervision session is an opportunity for a two-way conversation. An example of some areas for discussion is what’s going well, what are the challenges, how are they getting on with work colleagues, any issues arising, how are they doing observations and linking into Aistear, understanding of Síolta and how that reflects into their work. It is also an opportunity for the employee to reflect on their day to day practice and engagement with the children. Consider what is reasonable in terms of meetings, for example, one meeting every quarter or every 4 months. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

The employee and the supervisor should be prepared for the support/supervision session. Using a ‘job chat’ or supervision record form to capture the key points of the session is a useful tool for both the employee and supervisor. Notes can be taken by either party [agree beforehand] and both sign off on the form. The employee should be given a copy and a copy should be filed by the supervisor.

Remember, if an issue arises in terms of the employee’s practice that should be addressed straight away and not left for the job chat/supervision session.