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A number of services are starting back this week. In the event that providers are taking on new staff please be reminded of the following:

You are required under the Employment [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 2018 to issue a statement of the key terms and conditions to the employee within the first five working days [includes Saturday and Sunday].

The core terms that the employer must provide in the statement:

  1. Full name of the employee and employer
  2. Employer's address
  3. Duration of the contract [if the contract is temporary or fixed term]
  4. Rate of pay or method of calculating pay and reference pay [eg. Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly]
  5. What is the expected normal hours per day and per week in a normal working day and working week

This statement does not substitute the contract of employment/terms and conditions being issued to the employer. A contract/terms and conditions are required to be issued within two months of the start date of the employment as required under the Terms of Employment [Information] Acts, 1994-2014.

If you would like a Sample Statement give us a call on (+353) 1-623-5908 or email and we will email it out to you.