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Under the child Care Act 1991(Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and the Child Care Act 1991 [Early Years Services] [Registration of School Age Services] Regulations 2018 services must have a staff roster. The roster now should also reference your pods and reflect changes due to COVID 19. The following checklist should assist in ensuring your roster has all the required information.

  • Have you updated your roster to reflect the changes due to COVID 19?
  • Staff rosters need to be linked to the pods
  • Starting and finishing times should be included
  • Records the start and finish time of the employee
  • Sets out adult: child ration on a daily basis
  • Demonstrates sufficient cover for early arrivals. Late collections, breaks, holidays, etc Gives details of each person not included in ratio
  • Records the start, finish, break times
  • Arrangement of teams and how they will work together [where this is applicable]
  • Remember to identify your Person in Charge [PIC] and your First Aid Responder [FAR].
  • Detail staff absences and substitutions
  • Floating/relief people while recognised as essential will be limited as much as possible.
  • Ensure breaks are recorded and rostered appropriately.

The staff roster should be updated as circumstances change and on inspection match the attendance records. There should be communication with staff to confirm the reasons for the changes in rosters, the start/finish times, and breaks. Staff should be briefed that changes made will be reviewed in line with any updates regarding COVID 19 issued by the Government, Public Health Office, DCYA or Tulsa, the Child & Family Agency.

In addition, to the above the importance of ensuring staff receive breaks the roster can support compliance with

  • The Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 and can be used as evidence for the Workplace Relations Commission [WRC] should the service have an inspection visit. The rosters will show clearly the breaks being taken and should be compliant with the above Act.
  • The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005 this legislation also supports the requirement for employees to have appropriate breaks in relation to their health, safety and welfare at work.

We are delighted to confirm that we are revising our roster template which will include the above references. This will be available to purchase on our Early Years Shop in either a Word or Excel format from Friday 2nd October 2020.