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In September 2019 we posted a Facebook message regarding the difference between The Safeguarding Statement Vs the Health & Safety [Safety] Statement.

Even up to today there is still confusion amongst some providers around what is a Safety Statement? This document is a requirement under Section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005. It is a document that is required to run a business in the same way that a fire certificate and planning permission is required. This document is nothing to do with Early Years Regulations but it is required to register with Tusla as it relates to the laws of the land. We have set out below what is required in a Health & Safety Statement. If you don’t have the correct document please contact us . Alternatively, you can access BeSmart on the Health & Safety Authority website – You can complete a template Health & Safety statement yourself and download and save for re-registration.

The Safety Statement sets out the risk assessments within the building and the work [early years provision] that is carried out. The Safety Statement should include:

  • The service’s health and safety policy
  • The results of the service’s risk assessments
  • The names and job titles of the people responsible for any safety and health matters
  • The duties of the registered provider and the person in charge, including the co-operation required from employees on safety and health matters
  • A commitment to employee consultation and participation, including arrangements for appointing a safety representative.
  • The service’s welfare arrangements – for example, the provision of toilet facilities, rest and eating facilities, drinking water.
  • The service’s plans and procedures for dealing with emergencies – for example, a Critical Incident Plan.
  • The service’s arrangements to ensure the safety of children, all employees and visitors to the service, or anyone else who may be affected by the service’s work activities.
  • The personal protective equipment policy and register of equipment
  • The first aid and fire safety procedures and details about the equipment and facilities available.
  • The procedures for accident reporting and investigation.
  • The training records.

The safety statement [including the risk assessments] must be brought to the attention of employees, parents/guardians and others in the service that may be exposed to any risks. This document must be updated at least once a year in line with the legislation and/or whenever it is changed or updated.