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We are now halfway through October; did you take on any employees in September? Have you met them yet to give them Feedback, the ‘F’ word? It is really important to put time aside to meet the employee and give them feedback on their performance. If your employee has been with you since September, you need to do a probation review now if you haven’t done one yet.

Although probation is not a term set out under the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts it is very useful to include in a contract of employment. It affords the employee and employer to ensure there is the ‘right fit’ for both parties. The usual timeframe for probation is 6 months.

Ensure that regular probation review meetings are set up during this period. Use the job description be clear about what is going well and not ‘so well’. Be clear about your expectations and requirements of the job. Provide support or training if necessary. Document and record the meetings, give your employee a copy of the review. Finally, be clear with the employee what will be the outcome if they do not achieve the standards or work practices required.

So, go on, what are you waiting for…. Put the date in the diary to do your probation reviews!

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