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As we are moving towards reopening of services some will open on 29th June and for others it will be later. Our last post spoke to getting communication systems in place. One of the required steps that employers must take is to issue a pre return to work form to employees. The form must be issued to employees a minimum if 3 days prior to their return to work.

The HSA has developed the form and it sets out a variety of questions that employees must respond to. The form should be filed in the employee’s personnel file.

Some of the questions asked refer to:

  • If the employee has traveled outside Ireland in the last 14 days?
  • If the employee has been suffering from any of the COVID 19 symptoms
  • Has the employee consulted a Doctor regarding their symptoms?
  • How are they feeling now?

They are seven questions plus completing their own name, address and next of kin.

This form will be available as part of our COVID 19 Response and Action Plan. This will be available on our shop from Monday of next week.