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With the ECCE programme set to recommence on Monday 8 March for all age-eligible children, employers/managers are required to gather the relevant information to assess the all-important status of health of the children and family members.

It is important this is carried out in the most practical and efficient way. Consider a user-friendly online form (no printing required), rather than hardcopy forms, to gather and assess this information quickly and to minimise handling/exchanges of papers for review at the service door. The form contains all the relevant questions to gauge COVID-related suitability of children to return and should be sent to families as close as possible to the expected return date (giving at least 24 hours to allow for its electronic return to the service) to assess the health and/or symptoms accurately. This online form contains 16 simple tick-box questions, can be purchased once and distributed to all your families by email. The named person completing the form simply clicks ‘submit’ when they have finished – no reattaching of the document to email required.