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Some services are now entering the third week of re-opening. There has been a lot of change. Updated and new policies, additional forms and ways of doing things that everyone has had to get used to; children, parents and staff. Now might be a useful time to ‘check in’ to see how things are going

  • Check in with your staff team – you can do this through a what’s app group for staff if you use one, a questionnaire, or ask staff individually.
    • Ask how they are getting on with the new working arrangements?
    • Are they clear about how the pods need to work and their responsibilities?
    • Anything in any of the policies or from the induction training that they want clarified?
    • Do they have any concerns or questions on any work practices, policies, completion of forms.?
    • This is also an opportunity to check do they know who their COVID 19 representative is and if they understand that persons role.

  • Check in with you parents – use whatever methods you have for communicating with parents.
    • How are they getting on with the new drop off and collection process?
    • How do they feel their children are ‘settling’ back into the service?
    • Is there anything that they want clarified regarding the information they have received?
    • Do they have any concerns or questions?

  • Check in with the children themselves
    • Staff can do this, with the children in their groups – it could perhaps become a story for their Learning Journals? Lots of opportunity for conversation and getting children’s views on the situation – which will be interesting no doubt!

I appreciate it is extra work but ‘checking in’ can return rewards and people appreciate it. For you, the providers we would like to ‘check in’ with you and if you need any support or have any queries we are here to assist and respond to you just call us on 01 6235908 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.