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Many employers provide a Christmas party for their employees as a ‘thank you’ for their support and contribution to work during the year. It is a great opportunity for all the team to get together. However, employees should be made aware of what is expected in relation to their conduct and behaviour. Employers have a duty of care to all employees at such events and therefore are required to ensure that inappropriate conduct does not take place.

Employees should be reminded of policies relating to:

Social media – use Snapchat, Facebook or other social media forums with pictures of colleagues on the night out.

Dignity in the workplace – which covers prevention of workplace bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

Attendance at work – a reminder to anyone who is required to work the following day after the party

Grievance and Discipline – these can be invoked where there is an issue regarding misconduct or where an employee has a grievance.

If alcohol is being served and provided by the employer, it is advisable that free alcoholic drinks should be limited. If would also be prudent to ensure that non alcoholic drinks are also available.

Having noted all the above – enjoy the celebrations!