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On 20th August 2019 we briefed you on the change in the Parental Leave Act which increased the amount of parental leave to 22 weeks from 18 weeks. The other change we briefed you on has now been implemented with effect from 1st November 2019.

The new legislation allows new mothers and fathers to take two weeks ‘paid’ parental leave within the first year of their child being born. The rate of payment from the Department Affairs and Social Protection is the same rate as payment for existing maternity and paternity leave €245 per week.

Fathers can now take 2 weeks paid leave through paternity leave and through parental leave giving a 4 week entitlement. However, under paternity leave it must be taken within the first 26 weeks of the baby’s birth but up to 52 weeks under the parental leave.

New mothers are entitled to 26 weeks of statutory paid maternity leave. In addition, since 1st November they can avail of a further 2 weeks paid leave at the end of the 26 weeks under the new legislation. This additional 2 weeks under the parental leave falls within the 22 weeks entitlement which was amended in September 2019.

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