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We have had several queries in over the last couple of weeks regarding accrual of annual leave while on maternity leave.

Employees are entitled to:

  • 26 weeks statutory paid maternity leave [payment through Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection – DEASP]
  • Since 1st November 2019 there is 2 weeks paid for child under 1 years of age [payment through DEASP] This entitlement may be taken outside of the maternity leave once the child is under 1 year.
  • 16 weeks unpaid statutory maternity leave [employees may or may not take this statutory unpaid leave. Employees may choose to take a portion of this leave e.g. 6 weeks they do not have to take the full amount]

Employees are entitled to accrue annual leave through all the above statutory entitlements. Employees need to take all the statutory entitlements before they take any annual leave. Annual leave should be requested in the normal way as relevant for individual services.

We are, as always, happy to respond to any questions or queries either through our Facebook page, phone or email – or (+353) 1-623-5908