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Following on from our HR TIP working from home we are looking at some ways to care for your mental health and wellbeing. You may already be doing some of these as promoted by Mental Health Ireland.

Be Active

Get out for a walk or run daily. Participate in some of the free online classes available through YouTube, there is a great variety – Dancing, Pilates, Yoga, Keep Fit. There is something for all levels of participation levels – even from your couch!


In this particular time ‘connecting’ can be a challenge. Check in with your employees if you are an employer – whether they are on lay off or on WSS or WSCS. There are various mediums for connecting– what’s app, zoom, skype, house party etc. It is important to stay connected.

Take a Minute

You cannot miss the news and TV programmes on the current COVID 19 topic. It can be very overwhelming at times. So, take some time if you can just to ‘stop’ and breath. With a busy household that can prove difficult but perhaps you can ‘take five’ earlier in the morning or at the end of the day. Looking after yourself and your own well being is important.


Some people are continuing to work during this period from home or you will know people who are working in essential services or on the ‘front line’. This might be an opportunity to take up a new challenge perhaps in the ‘kitchen’! Download a recipe and get everyone involved. Set yourself a new challenge – do a course and learn a new skill or increase your knowledge on the Early Years. This will increase your own self confidence and wellbeing.

Check In/Give some Time

We have seen unprecedented kindness and acts of generosity over the last number of weeks during COVID 19. Is there anything you can do for anyone? Any older neighbours you can check in on or do some shopping for? Any local services looking for volunteers – would you have an hour or two to give them support.

To get the best and support your health and well being it is suggested you do as many of the above as you can daily.