It is more important than ever that Board Directors and members of community Early Years services have a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Canavan Byrne provides a full wrap-around service to Boards of Directors.

We can help you with:

  • Memorandum and Articles. Implications for Governance and Compliance
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Directors and Members
  • Importance of Board Makeup and Expertise (HR, Finance etc)
  • Understanding the Early Years Sector
  • Employment Responsibilities and Law
  • Effective Communication with Staff
  • Accountability
  • Decision Making
  • Preparing for the Charities Act and how to comply
  • Do's and Don'ts. How to stay compliant within the Early Years Sector


The Aistear workshop was thorough and detailed, while still easy to understand. I learned how to complete observations and use them effectively.

Nzone Childcare, Dublin