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If you operate an Early Years service, you must register with Tusla and comply with the Regulation:

All services will be inspected to ensure compliance with the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years’ Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018, where applicable.

The definitions of these services are derived from the Child and Family Act 2013. Under the Act an early years’ service is a service providing a preschool or afterschool service. A preschool service is a preschool. playgroup, day nursery, crèche, day-care or other similar service which caters for the preschool child. The Act defines the pre-school as a child, under six years, who is not attending primary school.

The regulations, as referenced above, place significant governance responsibility on providers to ensure children attending services receive appropriate care and that their safety and wellbeing are paramount.

Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, is the independent regulator of services and the Inspectorate have introduced several initiatives to support the regulations. We now have a national registration system for both preschool and school aged care. There is a central Registration office and all new services must first go through the process of a fit for purpose inspection. A centralized system has also been established to handle complaints received by Tusla (unsolicited information).

In September 2018 the Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF) was published. The purpose of the QRF is to set out the inspectorate’s interpretation of the regulations and provide clarity for providers to assist them in understanding what is expected and how to comply.

How can we help?

Our specialist team can assist you to comply with the Regulation in a variety of ways:

  • Support in preparing for inspection (advisory visits and mock inspections)
  • Support, when you receive a poor inspection report, in developing a compliance action plan
  • Help with your CAPA (the Corrective and Preventive Action) document that must be submitted to Tusla for every non-compliance found during inspection
  • Help with following through on your CAPA to prevent re-occurrence of non-compliances
  • Assistance with Policies and Procedures
  • Training to improve practice
  • Mentoring of management to improve management and supervisory skills


It is very important for us to have a study done so that we can present ourselves. Canavan and Byrne did an excellent job of portraying the reality of what we do, how we do it and and why. I would highly recommend them.

Sr. Malen Da Valle, Co-ordinator, Aisling Afterschool Project, Ballymun