We help providers address any non-compliances and write up their CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) to submit to Tusla.

Following inspection providers must submit a CAPA to demonstrate to the Inspectorate that they have effectively addressed any non-compliances found during inspection. The CAPA form is used to outline the Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) undertaken.
Corrective Action
This is the action taken to eliminate the non-compliance.
Preventive Action
This is the action taken to ensure the non-compliance won’t reoccur. It is on-going.

The provider must provide evidence to Tusla that the corrective and preventive action has been addressed.


Non Compliance:
There was no hot water available in the sanitary area.
Corrective Action:
A new boiler has been installed.
Evidence of Corrective Action:
The receipt from plumber and the plumbers report that hot water is now available and thermostatically controlled to 43°.
Preventive Action:
The water will be checked daily as part of daily risk check.
Evidence of Preventive Action:
Receipt for calibrated thermometer to check temperature and a copy of daily risk check.

Further Information and Guidance, notes (pdf) are available on the Tusla website.