Resilience is key in supporting our young children to cope with the ups and downs that life throws at them - it is what helps them to bounce back from adversity. It helps our children to work towards developing solutions when faced with challenges and gives them the internal self-belief to overcome difficulties.

In this webinar, Dr Mary O’Kane offers practical advice on how we can best support our children in becoming more resilient and having greater confidence in their own abilities.

Course Tutor

Dr Mary O'Kane is a Lecturer in Psychology, Early Childhood Studies and Education. Her research interests include childhood transitions; self esteem and wellbeing, and the value of play. She runs a monthly Parenting Slot on Ireland AM discussing a broad range of parenting and childhood issues while also responding to viewers parenting queries. She is also a regular contributor to the Alison Curtis Show on Today FM. She gives public talks on a range of topics related to child wellbeing, parenting, and education, and is well known for her humorous down to earth approach.

Course Duration and Delivery

Public Training This is a 2h course when delivered as public training or webinar

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Raising Resilient Children (for Parents). Webinar. 17 Feb 2021

Public Training

Webinar: Date: 17 Feb 2021, 7-9pm.

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