If you are a manager or business owner in the Early Years sector with a number of people depending on you it’s not just your right to develop and maintain your resilience; it’s your responsibility as a leader. Firstly, it’s non-negotiable because you need to have an abundance of energy to do what you do and especially to meet the major challenges of our time head on. Secondly it’s vital that you role model it for those you lead. But how can you do that without adding more to your day? (You’re busy enough already!). In this live webinar Lisa will teach you a number of techniques and mindset tools that will give you abundant energy and help you avoid burnout. Resilient leaders overcome challenges with creativity, hope, and a positive attitude that is infectious to those they lead. They replenish their energy every day, so that their resilience serves them well when there’s a crisis and so that they can create and hold a space of safety for others who are afraid.

This webinar will cover:

  • Know the importance of leaders maintaining their resilience
  • The Cornerstones and Pillars of a resilient life
  • Introduction to micro-resilience: tiny changes in habits and behaviours that take seconds to implement but have measurable impact on energy
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of stress and how this relates to the crisis you’ve faced over the past year so that you will understand how to deal with it for yourself and for those you lead

Course Tutor

Lisa is a Resilience and Leadership Executive Coach and Trainer who works with leaders in business, industry and healthcare across Ireland and the UK. Originally a nurse and midwife, she has been a business owner for 10 years. She is on several coaching and mentoring panels in private, semi-state and cross-border bodies. Her R.E.A.L. Leadership online programme is accredited for 7 CPD points and she is an accredited Coach of Excellence. She is also a Certified Just Culture Champion and has a special interest in Restorative Just Culture which aims to replace the blame culture with justice, fairness, accountability, healing and learning - particularly in safety critical sectors. She is the author and presenter of Top Tips for Leaders on Elite Radio Online and speaks regularly on local and national stages on Resilience and other topics.

Course Duration and Delivery

Public Training This is a 2h course when delivered as a webinar.

Course Booking

Resilience for Early Years Business Owners and Managers. Webinar. 11 Aug 2021

Public Training

Webinar: Date: 11 Aug 2021, 10.30am-12.30pm.

You will receive instructions on how to register and join the webinar the day before the webinar takes place.

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