This certified Infection Control course will give those returning to work in an Early Years setting a thorough overview of Safe Work Practices and operations when working with children. The course covers Covid-19, Safely attending the Service, Safe Operations for Staff, Safe Operations when working with children and a certification assessment.


Each section is completed by an online self-assessment and an online certification exam at the end of all the sections. Self-assessments do not count towards the final examination, but give you an idea of how you are doing. On successfully passing the final exam, you will be issued with your certificate.

Course Content

Section 1: Covid-19

  1. Introduction
  2. Covid-19 Symptoms
  3. Before you Return to Work
  4. Play Pods
  5. Lead Covid-19 Representative

Section 2: Safely Attending the Service

  1. Staff Members
  2. Children
  3. Parents, Visitors and Contractors
  4. Isolation Area

Section 3: Covid-19 Infection Control

  1. Infection Control Video
  2. Handwashing
  3. Sanitiser
  4. Sneezing & Coughing
  5. Cleaning & Disinfecting

Section 4: Covid-19 Safe Operations for Staff

  1. Staff Travelling to Work
  2. Staff Spaces
  3. Staff Breaks and Meeting
  4. Staff PPE

Section 5: Covid-19 Safe Operations when Working with Children

  1. Parent Communication
  2. Arrival and Departure Period for Children and Parents
  3. Working with Children
    1. Groups of Children
    2. Environment
    3. Activities and Trips
    4. Mealtimes

Section 6: Assessment


Certification is valid for 1 year.

Course Duration and Delivery

Online Training This course can be fully completed in 30-45m on our online platform. You can complete at anytime that suits you so you can go in and out of the course as much as you like. This course is highly recommended for the Early Years practitioners.

Course Booking

Infection Control for EY Educators. Online Training

Online Training

Book now and start your training on a high quality digital platform. Course modules and assessment are completed online. This course is highly recommended for Early Years practitioners. Certification is valid for 1 year. Book 5 or more places on this course and get 50% off!