This effective communication workshop is aimed at Early Years practitioners who need a system to talk to parents about concerns they may have about a child in their care.

{hanenprogramme}Delivering sensitive news to parents is something that all practitioners will need to do at some time. The way you communicate sensitive information can have a direct impact on how the receiver perceives and reacts to the situation. This workshop will help practitioners to apply effective communication strategies.

Delivering sensitive news well can actually strengthen your relationship with parents. Therefore, it's definitely worth learning how to do it successfully!

Course Tutor

Tricia Curtis Speech and Language Therapist (Trinity College Dublin)

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how parents feel when they receive sensitive news
  • Become more aware of their own feelings and response styles around sharing sensitive news
  • Learn about and apply effective communication strategies for sharing sensitive news
  • Discuss challenging case studies and scenarios with other professionals

Course Duration and Delivery

Inservice Training Public Training This is a 2h course when delivered as Inservice Training or Public Training Event.