Effective communication is key to building positive partnerships with parents in the Early Years. The aim of this webinar is to help Early Years practitioners understand the functions of communication and consider the key aspects to building strong partnerships with parents. It focuses on skills & strategies to assist practitioners develop effective communication styles and how to avoid getting 'stuck' or engaging in negative communication cycles. By the end of this webinar participants can expect to understand the key components of developing proactive, lasting partnerships with parents and be able to apply this knowledge across a diverse range of families.

Course Contents

  • Definition of Effective Communication with Parents
  • The 4 Functions of Communication & Why It's important
  • Siolta/Aistear Guide to Building effective partnerships with Parents
  • Sharing Information with parents including:
    • Dealing with Concerns
    • Receiving & Raising Concerns
    • Active Listening & Learning from Parents
  • Identifying & Reflecting on your own communication Style as an EYs practitioner
  • The consequences of Positive & Negative Communication cycles
  • Getting 'Stuck' & understanding why it Happens
  • Problem solving using Kolb’s learning cycle
  • How to develop a proactive communication style.
  • Encouraging Parental partnerships
  • Communicating with Diverse Families

Course Duration and Delivery

Inservice Training Public Training This is a 2h course when delivered as Inservice Training or Public Training Event.

Course Booking

Partnerships with Parents. Webinar. 11 Feb 2021

Public Training

Webinar: Date: 11 Feb 2021, 7-9pm.

You will receive instructions on how to register and join the webinar the day before the webinar takes place.

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