{hanenprogramme}The Teacher Talk™ Training Series is designed to actively engage participants through discussions, small group activities, analysis of video examples and completion of practical Action Plans that participants take back to their classrooms. Teachers receive a workbook that allows them to personalise the content and think about how they will meet the needs of the individual children in their classroom.

This training addresses how educators can use everyday conversations, play and daily routines to promote the communication and social development of all children, including those with language delays and those who are second language learners.

Course Tutor

Tricia Curtis qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from Trinity College Dublin in 1986. She initially developed her experience working for the health service in Ireland and the UK. She has worked for a period in Australia in an advisory/consultative capacity and in the UK with the Sure Start Initiative delivering universal and targeted training to schools and early years settings. Tricia is passionate about sharing the knowledge and resources to empower all those working and interacting with young children to be confident and competent in promoting children’s communication skills during the vital early years of life. She also has a private practice for individual clients and school based services.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify children's conversational styles and the role teachers play in interactions
  • Implement six steps to following the child's lead: Observe, Wait and Listen, Be Face to Face, Imitate, Interpret, Comment, and Join in and Play
  • Help children become better conversation partners by using appropriate questions, comments and turn-taking cues
  • Use five important steps to ensure that no child is left out of the interaction during group activities

Practitioner Feedback

"I found this workshop really interesting and useful."

"This course has been really knowledgeable and I am excited to try this out in my practice."

"Thank you for a great day. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of information from it."

"I really enjoyed the course. I found it very interesting and gained a lot of new ideas and information that will now be implemented into our service."

"Great braining day and I learned a lot from it."

"Amazing workshop, great speaker. Loved it!!"

"Thank you, very enjoyable & insightful course."

"Thank you very much & hope to do more courses with you."

Course Duration and Delivery

Inservice Training Public Training This is a full day course when delivered as Inservice Training or Public Training Event.