This certified webinar is aimed at all Early Years and School-Age staff members (including service managers and Lead and Deputy COVID-19 Representatives) returning to the setting following the Christmas break. Additionally, in light of the recent peak in COVID-19 positive cases and the Government’s subsequent decision on 30 December 2020 to move to Level 5 Restrictions until 31 January 2021, a reorientation training webinar is particularly relevant and important. This is not only to reacquaint staff with the COVID-19 safety measures and practices expected, but to highlight any additional new or enhanced practices that can be implemented going forward to further minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19..

Course Contents

  • Arrival to the Setting: Preparatory Safety Practices
  • Pre-shift Disinfection and Cleaning Routines Reviewed
  • A review of COVID required documents
  • Doorstep (handover) Assessment Practices (parents/guardians and children)
  • Care Room: General Safety Practices
  • Outdoor Use: Safety Practices
  • Taking of Breaks: Safety Practices
  • Covering/Floating: Safety Practices
  • Continuous Assessment of children and COVID symptoms
  • Guide to Isolation and Isolation Room Use
  • Post-shift Disinfection and Deep Cleaning Routines Reviews
  • Dealing with COVID-related anxiety at work

Course Duration and Delivery

Public Training This is a 60-90 minutes course when delivered as Public Training webinar.