The Child Safeguarding Training course offers a practical and highly relevant insight into Child Safeguarding in Practice with multiple examples of a spectrum of Child Safeguarding concerns that have arisen in childcare services, best practice responses, reporting obligations and procedures.

This course is suitable for all EY and SAC practitioners, Managers, Designated Liaison Persons, Child Welfare Officers, all Mandated and Ancillary Staff, and Relevant Person as listed on the Child Safeguarding Statement. This course is certified.

Course Content

  • Statutory Obligations of Childcare Services and Legal Frameworks
  • Relevant Definitions of Terms, Forms, Features and Definitions of Abuse of Children
  • Your Service's Safeguarding Statement
  • The Obligations and Role of the Mandated Person
  • The DLP
  • The Children First Act 2015
  • The Thresholds of Harm
  • Reasonable Grounds for Concern
  • Scenario Samples
  • Responding to a Disclosure
  • The Reporting Procedure
  • Record Keeping
  • Resources
  • Developing a Code of Behaviour for your Service

Course Duration and Delivery

Inservice Training Public Training This is a half day course when delivered as Inservice Training and a 2h course when delivered as a public training webinar.

Course Booking

Child Safeguarding Training. Webinar. 18 May 2021

Public Training

Webinar: Date: 18 May 2021, 7-9pm.

You will receive instructions on how to register and join the webinar the day before the webinar takes place.

Availability: 49